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Real-time tool monitoring

In close cooperation with the Kistler Group, Paul Horn GmbH has further developed its globally unique solution for real-time monitoring of tools used in turning applications.

DTS: Crisis understood as an opportunity

“Waiting and drinking tea” would certainly have been the worst alternative when managing director Murat Yildirim realized which rifts were opening economically with Covid19.


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The Natural Stone Show 2022: The UK Stone Industry Event

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, the Natural Stone Show is the only UK exhibition dedicated to natural stone. See the extraordinarily varied palette offered by stone from around the world and the best of British. Improve workshop productivity with the latest machinery and diamond tooling technology on offer. Choose from new fix, seal and maintenance applications. Discover the latest trends in architecture, as we explore the conceptual advantages of stone design through Stone, Water & Light. Network and improve your specialist knowledge from 30 free-to-attend seminars. Schedule in time to visit the specially commissioned Innovation Meets Design feature, a curated experience of 136 inventive surfaces selected by MaterialDistrict to excite and inspire you. Whatever your involvement with the stone industry, discover fresh solutions that your business will benefit from for years to come.

Venue: London, England





IAK: 44. Treffen des Industrie-Arbeitskreis Werkzeugbeschichtungen

Hochrangige Referentinnen und Referenten aus Industrie und Wissenschaft präsentieren aktuelle und zukünftige Themen aus den Bereichen Schneidstoff-, Beschichtungs- und Werkzeugentwicklung. Im Rahmen der Diskussion konkreter Problemstellungen und der Erarbeitung von Lösungsstrategien wird der gesamte Herstellungsprozess, einschließlich der Anwendung von Zerspanwerkzeugen, betrachtet. Zu den Themenschwerpunkten gehören:

  •     Innovative PVD- und CVD-Werkzeugbeschichtungen
  •     Erprobung beschichteter und unbeschichteter Werkzeuge
  •     Zerspansimulation
  •     Schneidkantengestaltung
  •     Individuelle Bearbeitungsstrategien für anspruchsvolle Zerspanaufgaben, wie Bearbeitung von Leichtbauwerkstoffen und die Hartzerspanung
Venue: Digital Event





TECMA 2021: International Machine Tool Exhibition

TECMA has selected the Santa Fe Exhibition Center as it fulfills the technical specifications to make this great event. It´s the center of international quality events, strategically located in Santa Fe, the area in Mexico City with the largest commercial and housing growth in recent years, this colossal venue has been specifically designed to facilitate the celebration of exhibitions and conventions, becoming an important business center. It counts with a parking of capacity of 2,600 covered slots and 350 outdoor slots.

Since 1991 TECMA is the only international show in Mexico, strictly specializing in the technology of machine tools and its peripherals. Leading manufacturers and reps will display their equipment. Over 200 exhibitors from the metalworking industry will display their products and productivity solutions.

You’ll find solutions to provide the best for your business, your customers, your employees, and even for your family.

Venue: Mexico-City, Mexico


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