IN DIAMOND is the established multilingual online platform, with specialist articles on the application of industrial diamond
and CBN as well as tool suppliers listed acccording to their specification. You will also find reports on new methods for
optimizing the production of tools as well as suppliers of cutting materials and components.
The IN DIAMOND portal enables specific enquiries to be carried out in the worldwide market and assists in communicating
and marketing the technological advancements of your products.

What is the vision?

IN DIAMOND is the international online information portal for users and manufacturers of diamond and CBN tools.
Our commitment: connecting industrial professionals worldwide.

Since when is IN DIAMOND existing?

IN DIAMOND, online since beginning of 2018, is the modern B2B business portal arising from the online portal Diamond Tools.

Who is behind IN DIAMOND?


Why is IN DIAMOND existing?

IN DIAMOND supports the use of industrial diamond and CBN as an industry-specific virtual fairground and increases the willingness to use it.

What is so special about IN DIAMOND?

The reader will find industry-specific suppliers, service providers and specialist articles for the use of industrial diamond and CBN
for a wide variety of applications as well as company news, trade fairs and events.

What is IN DIAMOND doing to increase its visibility?

The online magazine "DIAMOND BUSINESS INSIDER" is published 8 times a year and reaches over 9,500 interested readers worldwide.
The news are directly linked to our comprehensive science and application library on IN DIAMOND and are also available in German.

IN DIAMOND places advertisements in every issue of the DIAMOND BUSINESS magazine.


Why should you be part of IN DIAMOND?

Your increased visibility and our search engine optimization with industry-specific keywords will move your business forward.
The matchmaking-portal allows you to research contacts and initiate business relationships.

Extend your network with valuable contacts.

What is the benefit of a membership at IN DIAMOND for you?

Sector-relevant online marketing is becoming increasingly important for SME`s, as products are being researched online
more frequently than ever before. Suppliers of diamond tools, machines and components for their application are
application-specific researched in the network and so you will be found.

In which order are the company profiles listed?

The company profiles are listed by A-Z. IN DIAMOND also has a wide range of categories,
in which the respective company profile can be classified according to the sector and application area.
By booking the Premium A-Z (€ 165,-/month), your company profile always appears above the standard A-Z,
regardless of the initial letter.

How much does a membership at IN DIAMOND cost?

The monthly fee is € 125,-. The booking is valuable for 1 year, with annual billing.
The membership can be canceled up to 3 months before the end of the booking year.

How do you publish an article on IN DIAMOND?

After sending your article with pictures via e-mail to info@diamond-business.info, it will be put online promptly after being checked.

In which languages are the articles published?

Currently, mainly German articles are published in the library at IN DIAMOND.
The library is gradually being expanded to incorporate English articles.

What does it cost to publish an article?

We are happy to publish your editorial pieces on IN DIAMOND for a set-up fee of € 169,- per article in English and German.
Your article is online for 5 years on IN DIAMOND.

Which further advertising opportunities are there on IN DIAMOND?

You are welcome to present your linked banner (size 336 x 280 px) in 5 selected categories. The cost is € 129,-/month.
The online banner will increase your brand awareness and the link to your website will have a positive effect on your online visibility.

How much traffic does IN DIAMOND have?

The online traffic is being increased since going online beginning of 2018 to now about 7,000 users per month.
The online magazine DIAMOND BUSINESS INSIDER, published 8 times a year,  leads 8,000 readers each time directly tot he online portal IN DIAMOND.