Flexible and automated production with robot support

06. März 2020
The new Supfina R-Cell has extended their existing range of products offered by the German machine manufacturer with a flexible manufacturing concept for surface treatment.

Thanks to its modular and individually configurable design, the Supfina R-Cell not only allows maximum flexibility in production, right down to the processing of individual pieces, but also ensures more efficient and competitive production in myriad of industries by linking several production steps.

Over many decades, the machine manufacturer Supfina has collected experience in the automation of its offered machine series as well as the integration of upstream and downstream processes. With the combination of robot-supported automation and robot-guided processes, the R-Cell takes automation to the next level. Not only can different, previously manual processes be automated, but they can also be combined and networked. By offering manufacturing steps far beyond surface treatment and the integration of required coolant filter systems and extraction systems for wet and/or dry machining, Supfina offers complete solutions from a single source and thus the most efficient possible customer benefit.

Supfina R-Cell_Superfinish

The Supfina R-Cell can be used as an innovative solution for automated surface processing in a wide range of industries and individually for different production challenges. In additive manufacturing ("3D printing"), for example, the R-Cell can take over the complete post-processing and finishing of the workpieces. Thanks to its modular design, Supfina's manufacturing cell offersa tailor-made solution, with  a high degree of future-proofing.
Supfina is also expanding its profile as a solution provider beyond the flexible R-Cell production cell. The Wolfach-based mechanical engineering company, which has decades of experience in the development and production of individual solutions, has begun focusing extensively on the comprehensive support and handling of projects relating to surface processing.

In close cooperation with the customer, process chains are optimized comprehensively, specifications are developed, validated with prototypes, and the finished solutions are integrated seamlessly into existing production processes.